Three Multi-purpose Furniture for Small Spaces

When you living in a small space, it is hard to furnish it with many furniture. Therefore, nowadays, many creative designers try to transform furniture into double duty furniture design. You can name it as a multipurpose furniture. It means that you can use the furniture for some other things. Here are three multipurpose furniture for small spaces.

Matroshka is a collection furniture inspired by the Russian dolls. Because it is composed of some versatile pieces, you can change and modify it in lots of various ways. Besides, the pieces are able to be stored in one another. That is why this Matroshka furniture will save your small spaces. You can manipulate it into a dining table, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, or a coffee table.

Hidden Bed and Desk
This multipurpose furniture for small spaces can be used as your bed and your desk. The way to set it up is just turn it up and down. If you finish your work in the desk and you really want to sleep already, just fold the bed down. You do not have to clear up your desk. However, it might be a problem if the computer screen is too tall.

Tetran Cubes
The set of blocks by Tetran is more than just beautiful designed and styled modern furniture. You can use and re-used the cubes to an endless combination. You can transform these storage cubes into beds, desks, tables, couches, and any other kind of furniture that you want and you need.


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