Top Five Tips for Best Tile for Shower Floor

Best tile for shower floor seems to figure out and be the main priority for you who want to own perfectly cozy, luxurious, and functional bathroom. Those aren’t worthy if you do not concern on the safety while using the bathroom. Anti-slip/ slip resistance and mineral content on the water become other big considerations affecting what tile that becomes the best for your shower. Here is the list of tips how to choose the best tile for shower floor that must be useful information for you.

First, smaller tiles are better for curves shower bench model. Actually, it depends on your shower bench shape. Special for curve-bench shower, small tile is much better. The small tiles will create the beautiful angle of curve. Second, prefer slab tiles to small tiles.

The slab tile is able to strengthen the edge of curve. The shower bench which has no easy edge will make your back of legs are hard. It will be different if you use the slab offering bull-nose/ radius edge for the shower bench. Third, choose mosaic tile much more selective. Why? It is better for you to choose mosaic tile that is connected to the wall. You must not want to see and feel the glue on the tiles in shower floor right?

Fourth, small- colored glass is better than clear glass door shower. Mostly, the owners of glass door shower complaint about the moisture trapping behind their glass door. It makes the glass door awful and unattractive. To handle it, just replace your full-clear glass door shower to small-colored glass door shower. Its patterns will blur the dirt for a while. Fifth, choose another tile tone to create interesting feature on the shower wall and your best tile for shower floor.


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