Top List of Futuristic Chair Designs

Home may be called as the castle for the owner, but it doesn’t mean that the furniture has to medieval look. To fulfill modern society’s needs of home furnishing, young designers have designed a lot of series of futuristic furniture designs, especially futuristic chair. And here are top list of futuristic chair you may buy and place in your home.

LunaBlocks in larger size is the first futuristic chair design. The chair is constructed from big-sized Lego bricks. The Lego bricks are arranged to make sofas, chairs, and other furnishing pieces. What’s next? This one is also interesting because the shape is very unique and artistic. This chair is Ghost Lounge designed by Cedri Martini. The name is inspired from the chair’s shape that looks like a thing to soothe one’s spirit. The chair is made from fiberglass and supported with fine finishing.

Third cool and futuristic chair design is Sonic Chair. The sound is so great and the chair’s shape is so fabulous. At glance, the chair looks like a Space Odyssey. Interestingly, the chair produces great sound coming from the iPod or notebook. There are 35 color options, so you’re free to choose what color based on your personal style.

May be this chair’s name sounds so weird. Shrek Sofa is the name. It is a great masterpiece from famous designer, Rodrigo Torres and Giovannoni. Shrek gives a dash to the rooms. The design is supported with twin reading light fixtures. When you’re going to sleep in this chair, you can transform this chair into a comfortable sofa bed. Sound so interesting, right? Here are other futuristic chair ideas you may want to see: First Grass Relaxation, Shocking Seat, Foam Seat, Kenchikukagu, Jetson dining chair, Island in Z, and Backyard to Future Seat. And here we share the pictures to release your curiousity about these chairs.


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