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concrete walls and floors hardwood bench seat with back round top wood coffee table with angled metal legs modern floor lamp double layered area rugs in gray Dezeen

Simple Living Room Midcentury Modern Couch With Leather Finishing Two Coffee Table With Round Wood Top Ethnic Area Rug
Small Living Room Simple Bamboo Chair With Green Throw Pillow Old School Storage Solution With Pored Door Panel
Concrete Walls And Floors Hardwood Bench Seat With Back Round Top Wood Coffee Table With Angled Metal Legs Modern Floor Lamp Double Layered Area Rugs In Gray
Bohemian Style Living Room Design Gray Couch Multiplecolored Throw Pillows Dark Wood Coffee Table Potted Greenery Wood Colored Wall Decors
Scandinavian Style Living Room Floor Seats With Pillows Hard Textured Wood Top Coffee Table With Thin Metal Legs Round Top Woven Rug
Modern Brasilian Living Room Light Green Chairs In Modern Style Round Glass Top Corner Table Stucco Tile Floors Geometrc Patterned Wood Partitions
Denim Colored Wallpaper Denim Colored Chairs With Wood Structure Fury Area Rug In White Ornate Floor Lamp In White
Long Bench With Back Feature Some Throw Pillows Round Top Coffee Table In Midcentury Modern Style Modern Patterned Area Rug
Modern Bohemian Living Room Idea Soft Pink Couch Textured Throw Pillow Double Layered Rugs Modern White Wallpaper With Line Accents Round Marble Top Coffee Table
Simple Minimalist Living Room Lounge Chair In White X Base Coffee Table Ornate Basket

Good design is common but what makes your room looks so great? Here, we try to recommend a number of best living rooms taken from inspiring Pinterest. Each design showcases the striking visualization, best mix of styles (from different periods), and of course new point of views.

Scandinavian style always offers simplicity and coziness. All designs are clean line and functional. Well-chosen colors and furnishing pieces are the reasons why the style is being the most favorite today. Airy and warm feel becomes the main signature of Scandinavia style.

Look so vibrant and Bohemian. Layered motifs and colors are making this space more fun and characterful. The greenery also provides different refreshment – including the nature’s element directly to home decorating.

A multipurpose seating area – this could be a small living room and private seating space for the owner. The cabinet becomes the most striking piece since it performs an old-school style.

Double coffee table here offers much more space for both the centerpiece and the couch looks so cozy with original leather finishing complete midcentury modern-style design. The area rug, additionally, seems heavier in look but good for the accent of room.

White is always timeless; it’s neutral and fits any decor. Fury throw blanket here isn’t only the accent, but also the warm maker.

This is another idea of simple and minimalist living room where we’ve just find a piece of bench-like with back feature. The bench is supported with fluffy upholstery for both seat and back – providing more comfort to the users.

Playful pink featuring texture & motif. This space apparently performs a binary opposition: rough and heavy color shade for bottom and light one for top. You will get special treatment with this double-layered rugs.

An eclectic living room designed for semi-formal or formal ocasions. The layout is so simple – just consisting of two pieces of seat complete with some throw pillows as the comfort maker. White fury rug here softly gives something homey for both the homeowner and the lovely guests.

Wood becomes important part in this space. It’s clear to see that the designer uses geometric patterns on wood partitions. This idea is really genius as it practically optimizes the wood panels as the room partitions as well as the ornate wall background.

Tulum Treehouse’s living room – introducing fully white concrete usage for the facade of living room. About the furniture choice, the designer prefers hardwood to fabricated materials due to nature-relationship goal. We also clearly find a little portion of industrial touch in this space.

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