Top Ten Ideas of Storage Solutions Under Beds, Which One Your Most Favorite?

high profile bed frame in white with some pull out drawers and open shelf under the bed Pinterest

Still have a problem about the storage space availability in your home? Lack of storage space often happens to all owners of tiny house. They have to look for brilliant idea to overcome this problem. Adding more storage units are not effective and seems to be a bad idea as they can take amount of space. As the result, the tiny house feels uncomfortable because there is no more free space to relax. Be creative; this is the only solution related to this case. Use the free space wisely and start to optimize uncommon spots as your targets of storage space alternatives. The space under your bed is for instance.

This is called a rolling under-bed shelf. This product is built from the carbon steel. The shelf is supported with the series of lockable caster wheels for easy mobile. This smart storage is perfectly designed to fit the bed width.

Pull-out drawers are just an option commonly picked for decluttering linens or clothes in the bedroom. They’re still becoming the favorite as they can be most effective due to their simplest design, assisting us to get a clean line bed as expected. No more conventional dresser or closet that can potentially take amount of space.

As a couple of shelves under bed, the storage space is divided into two sections and each section can be used for storing and managing supplies of bed linens, blankets, or even pillows. The shelves have been completed with the door panels that can be opened easily. When they’re closed, the bed’s area will be so uncluttered and minimalist.

The entire parts of under bed space are the storage solutions, consisting of pull-out drawers and pull-up shelf at the center. Of course this gives you more space for storage alternative. This can also make you easier in managing your stuffs based on the group you’ve made.

For wormbooks, this bed looks perfect to you. It obviously provides more space for book storage. It’s optional whether want to put your books on side-shelves or under bed shelves; all is impossible with this. The open-shelves under the bed are well-recommended for storing something easy to grab like books, ornate baskets, or even some decorative items.

high profile wooden bed frame with under storage solutions


Very impressing, a high-profile wooden bed frame supported with multi-storage solutions under bed. This would be so practical and functional to organize all stuffs perfectly. No more distracting clutters.

A pull-out storage space under the bed. Different with other common pull-out storages under the bed, this one is larger and consists of two large sections only. We just need to pull out the bed’s base to access this storage space.

For minimalist and clean line design lovers, this bed seems to be a perfect choice for you. Providing several storage options, the bed makes you easier to get a practical storage space for your stuffs. Interestingly, there is an open-shelf for books that’s easily to grab while you’re laying in your bed; really recommended for crazily lazy weekends.

For a tiny bedroom, utilizing the space under the bed is a great solution for overcoming a matter of insufficient storage, and open-shelves sound great to implement. This is simpler than other conventional storage options under the bed. This fits your personal preference that wants to expose more about your collections. Your book, for example.

This is actually a DIY storage unit. Be more creative with this idea; utilize your ex-crates and transform them into a functional and practical storage solution placed under your bed. Complete each crate with caster wheels for easy mobile and put a number on each crate to make you easier in grabbing the needed stuff from the crate or in storing your stuffs inside the crate.

Brilliant, using the clear-visibility drawers as your best reference of storage solution under the bed. It’s effective to store all things including the clothes, bed linens, bedding supplies, kids’ toys & animal stuffs, and even shoes.

And this one is super-large storage ever. Of course this storage solution is designed for more capacity. Even, some suitcases are possible to store on it. In one of bed’s side wall, you can also find a simple shelving unit for books and ornaments. Really practical yet functional.

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