Top Ten Off- Grid Home Design

The main reason why off-grid home design becomes one of most recommended home designs for these years is because it frees the owners from extra energy use. It, directly, can affect the environment surrounding. It also offers a great self-sufficiency. The off-grid home design is closely related to uniqueness in design and nature-friendly. It can be expensive or affordable, big or small grid homes, they allow the owner to enjoy their live without doing any destruction to Earth. The followings are 10 off-grid home designs taken from different countries.

Soleta Zero Energy becomes the first off-grid home design that is being reviewed. The construction is flexible and affordable. On the other hands, it offers plenty of comfort. It sustainable technology supports the comfort. Each room is supported the water heating installation, solar power, wind power, and water supplies. Exbury Egg becomes the next off-grid home design. Like its name, the building’s design looks like a floating egg. This unique home provides kitchen, desk, sink, paraffin stove, and hammock. The electricity needs are powered by solar power from solar panels.

Minim off-grid home design is mobile tiny house. The owner can be moved everywhere depending on the owner’s preference. There is something unique from this building. The building is completed with space sport and interior with multiple use of surface. The room also has refrigerator and storage. A composting toilet and solar-panel roofing are next uniqueness.

House Arc, JF Kit, Freedomky, Ekinoid Project, Pump House, Mamelod Pod, and Stamp House are other lists of off-grid home design. Each offers positive impacts to environment. To see more each design, here are the pictures special for you the readers.


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