Top Trends of Home Designing 2015

Trends of home designing are changeable every time. No matter your house is new or the old one, it will be different if you pump it with trendy home designing. There is many ways of designing and decorating a building as what you expect in the next year. Then, what trend of the building lately? Based on a survey, trend of home designing today and for coming years is the building’s getting simpler and smaller (it’s smaller 10 percent than most buildings in 2010). The main factor contributing high numbers of smaller building is economy. Many people realize that their finances are getting worse.

Well, there are several top trends of home designing for this year. First, a trendy living room now is a large room consisting of two or three rooms function. The rooms are the living room, kitchen, and family room. These three rooms are in the same place and borderless. This idea lets the owner and family enjoy everything here. So, it is possible for us to keep interacting each other in different activities and areas. Even many of rooms, except the living room, is vanished and expected to put them altogether. This idea is out-off-date for this year. Mudroom, dining room, and more than one bathroom seem to be vanished slowly from recent home designing.

The windows use also becomes the newest trend of home designing. It closely relates to energy efficient program provoked in most recent. Engineering woods are also expected to be applied by most people to be aware of over-use of energy. They are demanded to do save the energy began at home to result the positive impacts associated with the efficiency of energy. It seems that water efficiency starts to be a trend in home designing. The efforts to reach the water efficiency are the use of dual-flush in the toilet and the use of low-flow faucet.

For kitchen, a mini bar table space for multi-function such as for having meal with all members of family or for enjoying special and big occasions. The table space will be appropriate if it is put in a big room. It will create a beautiful harmony between the room and its furniture. A cozy and warm kitchen, a textured-woods and stones that mimic an original and raw materials for furniture, high-technology use for the main bathroom are still some more trends of home designing.


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