Towel Shelves in the Bathroom – from Messy to Stylish

It is bothersome right to see the bathroom in its very dirty and messy condition? Yeah, no one like it, and even a baby will put her feet away from it. Aside of the unorganized look, not well maintained bathroom causes bad smell too, and dirty towel might be one that contribute the unwanted scent. In contrast, with towel shelves, your bathroom is no longer messy or even dirty, it would be stylish instead!

It looks no more but like a bird cage stacked on the wall in the bathroom, but the artistic side says more to the occupant to love it. It is traditional towel shelves imitating the home of some birds which are made of wire. This design is sensational to bring rustic traditional nuance into your bathroom!

If the previous design looks similar with bird cage, the next one seems to be the sibling, dog crate! Yeah, the shelves added on the wall are white made of wooden material just like some dog crates. It maybe refined from a real dog crate, but the result is awesome, right?

A standing shelves appear like hamper to load towel and other bathe stuffs. The stainless steel material is all the luxury added together with the green hamper and the gray one. With a mirror on its top, it is not only a storage, it is storage vanity as well.

Floating on the blue turquoise bathroom wall is the diy shelf for towel. It sites right above the bathtub for accessible choice. There is also a hanger added, so perfect!


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