Trick of Selecting Lighting and Texture to Create A Visual Interest in Dark Interiors

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Today, I wanna show you how to select the best lighting and texture to create a visual interest in the dark interiors. It’s a fact that the dark shades are definitely bold in visual but it can be overlooked ad depressed if you don’t use them correctly. These tricks are delivered to help you to get a dramatically beautiful dark interior simply through the right lightings and textures.

Rough-surface wallpaper in matte black here obviously looks like the real rocky surface. Of course it adds rustic charm to any interiors including this contemporary living room.

Gray with rocky texture is also found in this living room. It looks more masculine and simpler than the previous idea, and the texture is softer, really matching for a minimalist interior with a bit of texture on it. The series of open shelves mounted on walls also add minimalist and modern storage solution to this room.

Amazingly beautiful. The bedroom is designed by collaborating white and earthy dark shades in the same room, adding a great balance from two opposite color shades and absolutely offering beautiful contrast to this master bedroom. A big open space out there and an aquatic ‘screen’ on top of bed interestingly add special views for the users.

I can say that this is a perfect combination of lighting and texture. Supported with modern bulb lighting fixtures, the stone-feature textured walls become more textural and dramatic. The texture looks more obvious after getting more light from the hidden light fixtures installed on top. So gorgeous.

Textured in subtle look, these walls can be best option for textural yet minimalist interior. The chosen shade, light concrete color, looks perfect when combined with natural wood element. Black metal hardware of the shower room offers a beautiful contrast to this bathroom.

rustic wood wallpaper idea


Hardwood-like wallpapers give raw rustic touch to this room, a great choice for an instant way to get a rustic vine in room.

What an amazing bathroom! The walls are so textural and visually interesting. With the hidden lighting support, the look is much more dramatic and beautiful, potentially being the most stated part in this modern bathroom.

Grey textured walls in modern application. This is unique because the walls are designed as the media to insert the modern shelves. It’s a perfect compilation of stone-feature wallpaper and shelves-walls in the same spot. So inspiring, especially for those who love minimalist and masculine layout and interior.

Glossy black in artsy look. Overall, the look of walls look like the barren soil, and it’s so artistic. It’s like a huge wall art that can be the most beautiful backdrop for the furniture.

Visually rough but so artsy. This concrete walls are painted in two color shades: natural gray (the raw concrete shade) and matte black. The colors definitely add a big contrast, of course creating the simplest yet most beautiful backdrop for the furniture. And the lighting here is visually giving warmth and coziness to this room.

Stoned walls in white shade – these walls are contrasting with the modern bathroom essentials. This is so interesting because we find the natural material features modern bathroom interior pieces, exposing a fusion of natural things with the fabricated ones.

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