Tricks To Panel Up The Walls with Wood Wall Cladding That Can Add Texture & Dimension

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Do you feel there is a lack of dimension and texture on your home’s walls? Probably wall cladding ideas will be your best solution.

Making wall visually interesting and stylish, it’s not easy but being my obsession for years. We all know that there are so many trends for walls, but the trendiest walls’ feature today is about texture and tone, meaning that we need to create the visuall effect of scale through wall cladding technique.

Wall cladding is known as timber panelling, shiplap, and wall lining, as what had been a trend in many previous times. Today, I want to share ten best ideas of wall cladding to add interest of tone and texture to all interiors. Hopefully this will inspire you.

Bare timber panelling. Never let it painted. The idea actually can make every inch of panelling is more stylish. Like this cedar panelling wall, this is a genius solution to create a cabin-like wall that’s warm and textured.

Make the cladding wall as the shelving accent. This is like panelling the area behind the shelves. The panelling creates the layers of texture and visual interest in that area. This wall styling is commonly found in most numbers of contemporary homes where we’ll find a warm and vivid look.

Make your wardrobe stylish only with panelling up it. I really sure that many designers agree to do this since the panelled wardrobe is unique and can be a trendy feature to your home. In this bedroom, for instance, the owner has carved out the wardrobe into a stylish study nook.

Wanna have a stated headboard? A panelled headboard sounds a good idea for this. Painted in white, the panelled headboard helps creating a bright and airy look after amount of natural light streams through the window.

Indeed, the fireplace here is the most striking one and potentially be a focal point of room. Wall panelling, in other hands, directly adds a special feature as well as the dimension to mantle.

A minimalist room with monochromatic tone feels so calm but often feel flat, monoton, and less of texture. To avoid this look, wall panelling needs to add for more texture and dimension. Furnish the space with warm and textured like this pair of wicker chairs.

In small space, it’s hard to add some wall decors and arts. Adding those things will make the wall space looks narrow and too crowded with, but thanks to this wall panelling that brilliantly gives an illusion of bigger space due to its vertical-horizontal paneling technique.

Inspired by an iconic home in Australia, a blogger named Briar Stanley renovated and re-designed her house into a classic coastal one. She used white wall panelling to create an instant beachy-look house.

A house designed by Pyke and Arent now looks more stylish with wall panelling addition. The panelling neatly conceals the storage solution exactly under stairs. This is a reason why the wall cladding is so important; it can effectively make such the doorways, cupboards, etc minimalist and less obvious.

Captain’s Rest, the coziest Airbnb in Tasmania, has original wood wall panelling in each room and bathroom. Maybe it feels strange to find out wood wall panelling in bathrooms but it will be fine if the panell is perfectly sealed.

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