Troff Sink: One Sink for Many Users

Troff sink is often called trough sink. The sink is a rectangular-shape sink which is used frequently by more than one user at the same time. This kind of sink has larger body of sink and usually it is built in large bathrooms or restaurants which are full of people regularly for dinner/ lunch/ breakfast. To accommodate all users, a trough sink is completed with numerous taps that can be used at the same time. The space of curved-sink is wider and larger so two or three users can use it comfortably.

A troff sink can be best choice for public places which are identical with huge numbers of visitors. More people come to this place, more potentially frequencies of the sink use. This sink fixture is also so useful for a private home with large numbers of family members. The difference is that troff sink in a private home makes each family member has his/ her own area of the sink. So, there will be no problem of claiming the sink among the family members.

Troff sink fixtures are designed in various styles. One of the most popular styles is a troff sink with cabinets and drawers. Those storage units can be used to store the bathing properties (especially for troff sink in a private home). Then, a private troff sink is usually sectioned off with modern toilet/ bathtub/ shower stall.
In addition, in order to be more useful, a troff sink fixture can also be set down in the kitchen, especially the kitchen is usually used by more than one chef at the same time.

With larger sink and more than faucets, the number chefs can use it easily and comfortably even if they make different dishes. To make it more effective and efficient, double-wells in modern kitchen sink can be replaced with a troff sink.


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