Various Modern and Classic TV Console Concept

Only a few people who care about the tv console, tv console can decorate the family room. There are so many kinds of tv console that can be used, but in this special post we will talk about some unique tv console design and how it looks like when it is put in front of the living room.

Unique tv console can be made of wood material with small design. you can see in the picture there is a tv console with wooden made and small. Why the writer call this unique because this tv console isn’t really used to place the tv, the tv actually is hanged on the wall. Let us go to the next tv console concept which has double functions. Well, this tv console is a tv place but also a bookshelf.

This tv console showed in the picture has white wooden coloring concept with modern design. This such a wide console only is only used for single tiny tv. So, you still get more space to put other stuffs near the tv. This tv console looks so classic because it is made of old wood. The pergola concept is applied on this console. Using four legs with wheels you can move the tv console easily.

There is also another wooden tv console which looks so traditionla. This has no wheels, four legs like a table. The old wooden concept makes the room so classic. You ca put some stuffs under the tv like books, photo frame and etc.


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