Living in Contemporary Two Storey House Design – Posh and Stylish

After discussing the design of a single storey house design with all luxury added, now we are discussing the two storey one! Yeah, it is always tempting to talk about house designs because the style is always changing each day. You now, today trend could be retro, but the next few days it wll be added with spicy hot bohemian. Therefore, there is no mistake to take contemporary two storey house design as the main theme here. Do you want to look at some pictures!

To opt the access to the outdoor space, a two storey house design is purposively made with super lavish open plan. Yeah, all the way you look at the siding, it is all glass and the lighting inside the house is also the one that shines the outdoor space. Facing the swimming pool in front of the design, it always makes you want to soak your body deep inside!

Another luxurious house design appears with stunning white concrete siding with stylish glass facade. Don’t worry about the inside nuance because the house idea is all open concept with all the glass material applied in the front!

Built in the middle of beautiful garden, a house with two storey explains the inside atmosphere with stunning tan color on the siding. Still, it is a house with energy saving spirit seen from the wide use of the glass facade.

The one with architectural look and geometrical shape becomes a good tread with cool combination of orange and gray colors combination! What do you think guys?

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