Stylish Kitchen with Two Tier Kitchen Island

One of the great ways to add work surface and storage or dining space in the kitchen is adding a kitchen island. It is no surprise that islands are so popular because they are great for offering more counter space, storage, and workspace. Besides, kitchen islands are perfect to be used for additional seating. The design and function can vary. You can have the island that match the overall design and style of the kitchen or put a contrasting design element like a natural wood island in a white kitchen or vice versa. Other design elements are shape such as L-shape, rectangle, and square, and level such as two tiered kitchen island and more levels. With two tiered kitchen island, you can separate your eating space and your prep area. Here are some ideas of two tier kitchen islands.

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can have the two tier breakfast bar and work station kitchen island. This model features a two tiered design and discrete space for built-in sink and dining space. Two tiered kitchen island that designed for storage and work space is also a good choice. You can pick the sleek curved wood design that offers a pair of large drawers in the lower level, while other level houses a dual sink with expensive countertop space. If you want to have a unique design, you can choose the diamond shape with two tiered kitchen island. Another great idea is turning one end of the island into a cabinet or a wine storage.


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