Top three Unique, Artful Wine Cellars for Your Bars

Decorative wine cellars surely will be attractive part of the wine bars. Everyone visiting it not only comes just for tasting the best quality wine, but also enjoys the interior wine bars design. Cozy, unique, and attractive wine bars’ decoration and design will make many visitors come there. Here is a list of top ten unique and artful wine cellars designs possibly attract you, wine enthusiasts.

A wine palace with gothic theme. This gothic theme is very different with general gothic theme which is identical with black and dark nuance. But here we can find a blue gothic palace of wine. The blue gothic is taken from blue LED which then is applied at a big wine storage. Its look is so amazing and beautiful.

This place not only shows the artful wine storage, but it also elaborates spectacular and unique feature of lighting. Each glass storage allows us to see the wine bottle from above. This place is completed with temperature control device in which this device has the capability of monitoring the temperature of each glass (2.000 bottles).

California wine cellar with chic theme. This one offers elegance and simplicity for decorative wine cellars. The cellar looks much more attractive by integrating chick and charming custom cellar. Nadia Elgrably creates a chick wine cellar which is visible from the living room. The guests coming at the owner’s house can view the wine cellar when entering the entry way.

The wine cellar is dominated with Maplewood and acacia racks as the wine storage. Not only that, those materials are also used as the main materials for the counters. Just look at the floor! A new style and technique of flooring is applied for creating perfect look of the room. Mosaic tile and leaf fixtures are as if inviting everyone to come and to enjoy the wine there.

Efficient design of wine cellar. This idea of wine cellar designing can be adopted by you who have smaller or limited space for building wine cellar. There are two ideas of efficient designs of wine cellars. The first design is created by Jake Austad. He puts 1.500 wine collections in converted bedroom.

The second design is Tillson’s design. He uses a narrow space for storing hundreds wine collections in the racks made from raw mahogany. What about you? Which one wine cellar’s design ideas you want to choose? Make sure that you fit the theme and your needs with a chosen decorative wine cellars.


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