Unique Indoor Plants for Fresh Interior

What makes Japanese home design always looks fresh and comfortable inside? It is because the design requires plant inside the vibe. It is always easy to find some plants in a japanese interior design. in addition, it maybe influenced by the culture that is loving nature, so bringing the nature inside means good treatment for their own appeal. With some unique indoor plants added into the retreat, you will find your house as fresh and appealing as the japanese one!

It is a low growing flower that first take the chance to give awesome nuance to the interior. With its lovely pink and red tone above the green leaves, it could juggle the plain outlook to be the adorable one. Taking advantage from the vibrant pots in pink and yellow also add the playfulness in the interior.

Bringing bamboo on the pot and placing it on the coffee table in the living room is another appeal that will engross the interior. It comes similar to the original japanese home with its bamboo decoration inside.

The next interior design with unique indoor plant is a modern white dwelling with open concept. It enriches the living space with super wide glass window and two white potted plants beneath. It fresh the nuance as well as the outlook with the green tone splashed!

Other that those plants, hydrengea is another unique indoor plant that will make every inch of the house as fresh as garden. Various types in an orange pot is a good idea to chase perfect outlook as well as diversed plant!

Reference: inhabitat.com

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