Unusual Wooden House Idea on Mountainous Area with Thick Wood

Have you ever dreamt to have a camp in a thick forest with adorable view to enjoy? Yeah, camping is always interesting just like once you are joining the scout! However, is it always a tent to make your camp be more inviting? I guess you need a more challenging idea to make it to be an unusual camping. You don’t need any tent to go with, but you need some lumpsum of cash to build a sophisticated wooden house on mountainous area like the following design!

Its truly is a dream house that lets you escaping from the bustle of the city. There is no worry to be caught by the wild in the middle of the bush because the house is built higher from the ground with long black firm iron.

Talking about the view, you will never regret to spend lots of money building your unique retreat in the middle of the forest because spotting yourself on the highest floor will amaze you with uncountable view lush before your eyes.

Just like a tent, it is stretched to the right and left with incredible tone that will relieve you every single minute realizing how wide and endless the nature is. I like how the tan wooden deck siding splashes every greenery surrounding with awe!

At night, you will have a nice spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while playing the guitar! Yeah, it is simply romantic to have you and your partner here spending the summer! Sure, you will not need your alarm because natural alarm is much more gorgeous!

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