Various Branded Vacuum Cleaners with Modern Design

You want to clean up your house floor but you do not want to get tired, then you have to buy a stuff called vacuum cleaner. Everybody knows this tool. This vacuum cleaner has function to clean the dust on your floor. There are so many vacuum cleaner that you can have though. There are many brands that produce this equipment. This post will show you some of those branded vacuum cleaners.

The first, we have vacuum cleaner which is produced by BOSCH. This vacuum cleaner is kind of modern vacuum cleaner with long pipe and it is flexible. This blue color vacuum cleaner has simple small head, but the body of the dust place is quite bigger. Let us compare with the other vacuum clear from other brand. This vacuum cleaner is issued by Gemino corp. This vacuum cleaner has compact design with orange body color. The head is also smaller than the BOSCH made. But the pipe of this vacuum cleaner is made of metal concept with a half rubber pipe. This one also has two wheels so it can be easily moved.

There is other vacuum cleaner that is produced by Henry Company. This vacuum cleaner is so cute and adorable because it has human head shaped with two eyes decoration on the body. This red body vacuum cleaner is quite compact and looks so adorable. Thus, it also has two small wheels to get easy being moved. However, the head of this vacuum cleaner is bigger than the other. So, this one can be the best functional to suck the dust on the floor. Well, those are three sample that can be showed in this article, so you now can choose which one you want to buy.

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