Getting Inspiration from Various Images of Window Treatments

Decorating windows can be essential to the whole appearance of a room. Sizes and types of the windows are among the important things you should consider before deciding the most suitable treatments for your windows in terms of function and visual look. There are wide ranges of window treatment ideas you can search online to have overview description prior to your decorating job.

This article provides several gorgeous and unique images of window treatments that might inspire you in playing with your creativity and imagination in window decoration. There are eight common types of window namely casement, double-hung, awning, picture, transom, sliding, stationary and bow windows. Treatments given will be different based on different characteristics of each window type. For instance you will find different images of window treatments for casement window and double-hung window. Since casement windows are those attached by side hinges to the frame, you will find images of simple treatment of inside mounted roman shades that can be opened to the outside.

Meanwhile for double-hung windows you may find images of window treatments using traditional curtains with various colors, patterns and textures. There will be also ideas of decorating double-hung windows with a valance which is put at the window top hiding the mounting tools. Images of window treatments will be also different based on the sizes of windows themselves. While you can have bigger chance to do more for large windows, you have to pay more attention to small windows which will end decreasing the entire visual appeal of your room if mistakenly decorated. For small rooms make sure to find images of window treatments which present beautiful simple yet stylish decoration without giving “too much” looks.


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