Vintage Ikea Dresser: Makes Thing Classy and Valuable

If you ever think that antique lover is freak, you must get it beaten in this year. Yeah, now, the old the things that you have explains that you are man with million dollars. Yeah, today’s price is too odd to think logically as new furniture is sometimes cheaper than the old one. Maybe, historical reason becomes the one that lifts the cost till the top. Therefore, some vintage furniture is popular in the current time. unbelievable that ikea also comes with some vintage dressers like follow!

Talking about vintage style, it is easier to mark with tone. Yeah, some vintage furnitures steal awesome tone that is likely borrowed from retro. I guess, there is no much different from retro and vintage, it is just how you call it.

A soft blue dresser is the proof that vintage works pretty good with retro tone. It saves the old furniture with different and cheerful look. Shopping around at ikea is getting more inviting to find this awesome dresser. get it fast and drop the price to the lowest if you can!

The next design is likely made to fill a log and large hallway. It is big and long at the same time. the light wooden legs explain that the design is a perfect ikea vintage furniture that you must own.

The one which is made of wooden material also looks inviting with some colorful knobs added on each drawer. they appear in blue, green, yellow and even red to add pantone on the plain beige furniture!


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