Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Vintage Kitchen Fancy

Vintage kitchen is often totally remodeled by its owner because he/she thinks that it looks out-of-date and unattractive. However, beautiful kitchen does not mean to have a sleek and modern design. Your vintage kitchen can also be fancy and appealing if you apply some ideas below.

Vintage kitchen is almost related to all-white painting, from the wall to the appliance. This color option makes your kitchen looks large, bright and clean. You can change the color to blue, green, or even yellow to bring new nuance. You can go monochromatic that allows your kitchen to have only one color for spacious feel. However, if you want to keep the white color, you can add mismatched curtains, chairs, or backsplash to add various colors. You can choose blue polka dot curtains or mint green tiled backsplash. Red small appliances, such as mat and clock will also become adorable touch for your kitchen.

It is okay to remove some hardware that does not match with your style and replace it with the new one. For example, if your cabinet doors are ugly, you can take them away and let your cabinets become open shelves. You can also replace the door with a curtain in vintage fabric with soft color. Nonetheless, some items should not be replaced or thrown away because it can omit the vintage feeling in your kitchen instead.

If you have a rustic chandelier or sconce, or a small old island made from rustic wood, keep them if they still can be used well. Moreover, several used vessels or containers from the past that may look like garbage, actually, can be used as colorful decorations. You just need to clean them and display them in one wall mounted open shelf.

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