Modern and Classic Walk in Shower without Doors

Many people want to have such a walk in shower without door at home. In fact, this kind of shower can be built in your home any way. There are so many design of walk in shower without door can be applied at your shower design. In this post, the writer would like to share some pictures of doorless shower design. This can be inspiring us to build a shower like this one.

The first we have a shower with white wall design. This shower has modern design with modern fixture as well. This is kind of doorless shower, it only uses a curtain to for the covering. This shower room is quite small a well. What is the most adorable thing in this shower is that this shower has very amazing wooden flooring concept. The brown original wood flooring makes this walk in shower looks so classic. So, this seems combination between classic and modern design.

The other walk in shower without door also can have glass concept. This shower seems so adorable with transparent glass wall. it is like a glass box in a bathroom. This kind of modern shower room design without door has nice classic wooden flooring as well. the other concept of walk in shower without door has classic design with brick design. you can see in the picture there is a shower room without door with all concrete wall design.

The best concept of walk in shower without door also can be made using pretty awesome wall and flooring design. This uses very tiny tiles with some nice color choice like green, black and white. This uses curtain to cover the shower room. This walk in shower is perfect for your private shower at your home either.


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