Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet

Cabinet is one of cool furniture of storage place for any room. Most of cabinet size is big. Some of cabinet is designed with drawers perfectly. Best material design for cabinet is wood. Wooden cabinet looks more elegant and awesome, especially if it has its natural wood color. There are so much types of cabinet, but this kind of cabinet is simple and very lovely to use. We will talk about curio cabinet.

Curio cabinet is smaller than the original cabinet. Usually, it has two doors with racks inside and drawers on the bottom side. Curio cabinet doors should have best glass, so you can use it to show your accessories inside. Small shape doesn’t make curio cabinet looks too boring. You can choose some curio cabinets with antique architecture design which is flexible to adjust with your home interior design.

If your room space is small but you still want to have a curio cabinet inside, then you should choose wall mounted curio cabinet. This kind of cabinet is made to save your space by put it on your room wall. The small size will not take your wall area too much. Prepare a good spot to put it, so you can show it clearly in your room. Wall mounted curio cabinet needs good material, you can try to choose it which is designed with oak.

Curio cabinet in dining room is perfect to show up your dining room stuffs like plates and glass. Curio cabinet in your bathroom can be good storage place to keep your towels and other stuffs safely. All curio cabinet designs are wonderful, it just depends how you use it to your room.

reference: foter.com

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