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Wood Framed Wall Mount Headboard Idea With Green Fabric In Center
Medim Sized Wall Mount Headboard In Light Brown For Moderrn Style Bedroom Decor
Unique And Creative Wall Mount Headboard Idea For Modern Minimalist Bedroom Decor Idea
Large Wood Wall Mounted Headboard With Floating Shelves
Simple Brown Wall Mount Headboard Idea
White Wall Mounted Headboard With Large Floral Motif Full Sized Bed Frame With Brown Comforter Modern White Bedside Table
Tall Upholstered Headborad Mounted On Wall Bed End Upholstered Bench Idea Luxurious Crystal Chandelier Vintage Styled Bedside Table In Dark Blue
Modern Rustic Wall Mount Headboard Idea With A Pair Of Wall Lighting Fixtures
Wide Horizontal Wall Mounted Headboard In Cream Upholstery Material
Solid Wood Wall Mounted Headboard Idea With A Pair Of Built In Bedside Table And Bookshelves

Wall mounted headboard is another type of headboard that is adjustable to install. Like its name, this headboard is designed to be fitted into the wall system. Such model of installation creates the effect of floating-look headboard. To achieve fixed wall mounted headboards, you have to use brackets and wall mounted fixings which are inserted on the back of headboard.

You’ll get the benefit if you choose wall mounted headboards over traditional headboards. The benefit is you have a tall and wide headboard, matching for you who love dramatic and unique look in your bedroom. Even, the headboard is going to be an attractive and inviting accent to your bedroom.

Just few homes that use the series of wall mounted headboards. Commonly used by hotels or luxurious boutiques, a wall mounted headboard is designed in huge numbers of materials. For homes, the series of wall mounted headboards are constructed from these materials: leather, fabric, upholstery, velvet-cover, and wooden. The model for each material varies, depending on the style they have.

Some wall mounted headboards which are made of wooden have built-in storage or shelves features. These storage spaces are functionally used for placing books and other stuffs. Another model variant is also found in wood wall mounted headboards. The model takes a pair of built-in bedside tables which are integrated into headboard. These two models are claimed as modern headboards and just be released in current days. From the following gallery, you can select your favorite design of wall mounted headboard and make it as your reference for your next bedroom remodel.


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