Wanna Have Bold & Stylish Living Room? These Poppy-Color Living Room Designs Will Be Your Inspirations

Boho shag rug in bold yellow highlighted with gray and white patterns Pinterest

Yeah, New Year had just come and now is the perfect time to challenge ourselves to try to darely move on the new design for our home. Start with the bold patterns, shapes, and colors that can make your home totally different, and the living room, as the first space where the guests see, becomes the perfect spot to renovate with these newest trends.

Classic yet elegant. The space looks visually bold with such deep gray-painted wall panel. As the wall background, this textured wall acts like a contrast maker especially for those tufted armchairs. The lighter tone on chairs make both the chairs themselves and wall exactly stand out.

Actually bold in green. White, indeed, dominates the space but the designer add green to give another color richness instead of breaking out the all-white. Some potted houseplants here are important to make the space so inviting.

Do a little makeover to your living room just with this shag rug. The product will make your space cozy and stylish. With bold yellow and gray-white pattern highlights, this looks like a traditional Swedish area rug. So striking.

This is red but bold orange. The color boldness isn’t enough to get a stylish Boho living room. You need a little Boho accent like this Boho wall decor that’s visually attractive in simple way.

Floor cushions in bold color – the best option for informal living room that offers relaxing feel during intimate visits.

Collaborating with soft & cozy cushion and pine wood frame, this modern sofa offers ultra comfort and style. Make this brass-base coffee as the perfect pairing.

Mustard features deeper pink scheme; these colors are lovely options for a bold living room. Add some houseplants with decorative planters complete these furniture pieces, providing a vivid and fresh focal point in room.

Furniture isn’t enough for an accent of room. You can give a direct accent to your small living room with such a bold frameless painting. You must be proud if the painting is your actual work.

What a lovely lounge chair! Featuring with classi floral patterns and vivid color, this small living room is visually inviting and simple. It’s quite gergous with a dramatic white drapery background behind it.

Let your living room more sparkling than other rooms simply with this cluster of pear-drop pendants. Covered with high heat-proof lampshade, the light fixtures can give a dim & warm lighting effect.

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