Want to Keep Your Favorite 90s Style? Pick These 90s Decor Ideas for Your Home Interiors

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It’s great to say that it would be amazing if we have something timeless for our home and one of them truly taken as a long-last trend is 90s style. The style has particular characteristics you can apply for your home. Bordered wallpapers, beige walls, and recliners are just some of those recognized as 90s’ masterpieces. And now you have a good news that will lead you, 90s lovers, to the most stylish 90s home décor idea you won’t deny. Just check this out and let’s this cool idea inspire you.

90s bedroom in beige beige window curtains white comforter light wood table and bed frame beige wall painting


Everything is beige. Actually it’s just dominant, meaning that beige doesn’t cover the whole space in room. Beige can be found in crucial pieces like carpet, furniture, and even wall painting. This color shade can bring warm and neutral look – making your space feels so homey.

For decades, gray takes the color importance since people think about going to neutral, but white comes as a perfect substitution that creates a dated nude when combined with gray. This kind of color effect, of course, will bring a calm but still warm feel.

For 90s people, sponge-like wall painting style sounds so cool and it had been so popular in 90s. You can use it for recalling your memory. If you miss this, just try it and make it real. How to do that? You can use the effect of subtle ombre (strie) suggested by Architectural Digest.

Bordered wallpapers – they’re commonly found in kids’ rooms. Go with bold ones for the accent and if you want to make them more alive, don’t use any decorative wall arts, just make some lining backs for bookshelves using the same wallpaper.

For the recliners, choose the big and puffy one. It will make you more comfortable but it will take amount of space. Well, to make it more stylish and worth for your cool living room, pick the sleeker piece of recliner or antique armchair completed with an ottoman. Cool!

Moon and sun décor are often associated with this style and they have specific design. Sun and moon with face detail, for instance, still fill each room and this commonly feature with metal hangers. It’s okay to take this ornament for today but please choose the sleek ones. Gold-toned moon planters and framed moon photographs are just some examples.

Go to Damask look. Try a Damask print instead of Damask furniture or other dimensional pieces. Damask prints now can be discovered in many home products such as beddings, wallpapers, and draperies.

Hollywood vanity lamp is another 90s’ trend and you can make it as a direct statement for your bathroom, but if you think that this idea (a mirror surrounded by many bulbs) is too much, you can replace it with more subtle but still produce the brighter light for your makeup corner. Tubular sconces are just the best recommendation.

Cheap and simple seats are worthy enough to get a truly 90s style. A beanbag or pouf is just one example. The seat offers extra comfort, simplicity, and surely movable so you can use it anytime you need or just remove it when you don’t need it.

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