Washable Wall Paint Product Option for Kids’ Rooms

It’s normal when having the kids, all change including all corners of home rooms. Take a look at the kids’ rooms, for instance, they get so many cartoon characters at the walls or toothpaste spots or other sparkly crayons/ pencils/ pens. If these happen to you Moms, what should do then? We can’t stop kids’ creativity; and the wall paint must be different, too.

Washable wall paint is likely the best solution for such case. Using washable paint for kids’ rooms make you to do re-painting once only. You do not require re-painting three times or more than that in one year for getting the clean walls. If you want easy-to-wash and durable paint, here we have the answers.

If you want sheens and flatter glosses for your kids’ room walls, it seems harder to find one that is truly cleanable and washable. Most professional painters say the high quality paints are more cleanable in glosses and flatter sheens than low-quality paints. This means, the more pricey paints, the easier for paints to clean up from any dirties (remember, this rule depends on the paint type: washable or non-washable ones). It’s better to find one in stand-alone paint stores for this.

PPG, Kelly Moore, and Benjamin Moore are three most recommended washable wall paint products reportedly work well for rooms needing high-frequent wall-cleaning like kids’ rooms. Manor Hall Interior Latex Paint is best product from PPG that is fairly cleanable even in Ceramic Matte Sheens and Flat/ Matte. Benjamin Moore is known as washable wall paint for mattes, flats, and eggshells walls.

Reference: modernize.com

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