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Silver Color Cabinet System For Laundry Machine  Large Garden Windows With Small Pots And Plant Ornaments Some Rolls Of Clean White Towels A Hanging Cloth
Luxurous Wood Material Laundry Machine Cabinet White Patterns Fabricated Vinyl Flooring A Washing And Drying Machine Unit
Top Storage System With Glass Door Features Cabinet For Wash And Dry Machine A Small Vanity With Sink And Faucet Two Different Tones Vinyl Floor A Small TV Set Blue Mat Single Cupboard For Hanging Clothes
Simple Small And Minimalist Laundry Machine Cabinet A Large Frameless Decorative Mirror With Modern Wall Light Fixtures  A Large Glass Window With White Drapes
White Modern Minimalist Cabinetry For Washing Machine A White Dried Root Made Basket For Linens Storage White Vanity With Sink And Faucet An Electric Iron In Black Color Laundry Supplies
Opened Door Laundry Room Cabinet For Washing And Drying Machine Unit Which Is Associated With Linens Laundry Supplies Organizers A Dried Roots Basket For Storing Clean Laundries Small White Tiles Floor
Washing Machine Cabinet With Laundry And Linen Organizer Large White Entry Mat Fair Grey Ceramic Tiles For Laundry Room Flooring

Washer and dryer cabinets are a new solution of washing machine store to create neat and organized look in a laundry room. A washer and dryer machine is usually put in open and wide area like a laundry, kitchen, or mudroom. Top of machine then is used to put and store detergents and other laundry supplies. By remodeling your laundry room look into more attractive and to have larger space, hide the machine inside the special cabinet which is designed in particular purposes, including the washer and dryer cabinets.

There are some designs of washer and dryer cabinets. First design is the cabinet for front-load washing and drying machine. This cabinet has an opened area in front side. The opened area is used to accommodate a washing and drying machine with control panels on the front of appliance. Each side (right-left-top-base) needs vacant space at least 3 inches from the appliance.

Second model is the cabinet for top-load washing and drying machine. This cabinet is particularly used for the washer and dryer with control panels on the top of appliance. To allow the machine works well, the machine needs more space at least 16 inches from top of appliance to cabinet.

Both designs actually need more spaces for enclosure the water supply, electrical cables, and drain pipe along the cabinet. To prevent crimping electrical cables, drain pipe, gas lines, and vent hose, and also water supply line, give additional space between the back wall of cabinet and back of appliance. Don’t forget to consider sufficient air ventilators beyond the cabinets. Wish this information gives you additional knowledge when choosing washer and dryer cabinets.

Reference: www.unimac.com

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