Wenge Kitchen for Aristrocratic Fashion Trend – New Idea

Nothing to do but to hag out in the kitchen during the winter. Yeah, the hardest season is coming with all the snowflake hitting so hard and making you unwillingly to go outside. Sitting around before the fireplace is the best idea to catch the warmth while in the home having quality time with others. In addition, as I mentioned before, to hang out in the kitchen is always interesting grabbing more foods and drinks in closer style. in this case, wenge kitchen with aristrocratic fashion trend is ready to make your winter better than before!

Wenge kitchen offers stunning detail all in white color. It shares the nuance of vintage tone combined to modern style. the picture on the wall apparently to stay in line with the island top in beige wooden material that latter is converted become the kitchen bar table. Thanks to the white stools completing the vibe with comfortable seating!

Another wenge kitchen idea shares nature atmosphere in its optimal style. there is no single inch in the room appearing in gloomy look as the natural light continousely shines the space with super bright nuance. It is the open plan that makes everything in the room perfect! The dining set in the hub is the one that invites more people!

The next idea of wenge kitchen gives you the touch of posh luxurious design. It stuns you with spacious room to hang out with family and friends. The cool combination of black and white colors is truly gorgeous to send the nature of elegance. I like the extended white kitchen bar table and the stools the most!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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