Whimsical Pantry Fit for Dream Kitchen

wide and open pantry in white wood color kitchen countertop white kitchen cabinetry stone tile floors earthy brown mat colorful flowers on white pot House Beautiful

A little makeover sounds a good solution to get a new pantry’s look. As the hidden room, people forget about the aspect of aesthetic and style of a pantry; that’s why they often neglect this room. In fact, pantry can be categorized as the crucial space for food storage solutions, and with makeovering it, the space potentially can be a hit that gives a lot of fun especially when you gotta grab your snacks or food supplies in there.

Whether you love a walk-in pantry or another kind of pantry design that provides you a smart and stylish way to store snacks and foods in open space, here you will find out the ideas of pantry storage solutions that are actually ready to lead you the way.

Manage your jars and cans in such open shelves like this. Build the open shelves rightly above your countertop. This will instantly look well-ordered and elevated. Besides, this will make you easier to grab ones you needed the most when preparing or cooking.

Give a retro touch like this old-school rack system. With this, you can access the higher spot with a wood ladder that’s painted in same color. The ladder here so playful as it provides a function as well as a style in this large pantry.

A hidden storage looks so brilliant. Use a painted door panel to hide it. When it’s closed, no one knows about this wonderful storage unit at least a wall decor.

Re-use the space behind the door for such a creative and practical storage unit. In white, the cabinetry blends well with the existing room’s color.

Expensive glamour crystal chandelier helps the space gets the highest aesthetic value, making the pantry as luxurious as the royal’s.

Build your pantry with durable materials. Highlight the space with simple yet whimsical like earthy-tone mat and colorful flowers on pot. Make your pantry visually fresher with this.

Cover up your pantry with a sliding door panel. It’s creative to hide the storage piece and even the panel looks like a separator of kitchen and storage space. The idea also keeps things well-hidden.

Go minimalist opt. It looks nothing beside the fireplace. In fact, there is a built-in storage unit supported with flat door panel plus a ladder. The thing make people realize that there’s a storage piece is the metal hardware installed firmly on the storage’s door.

Chris Barrett has designed all-wood open rack for storage solution. It’s so simple yet elegant, enabling to store plenty of cans, jars, spices, and other cooking needs & snacks. Wood element contributes a lot in bringing back the warm feel of rustic.

Need to makeover your tiny pantry? Bright tone should be the main color theme. Bright color scheme like white is classic and never go wrong to apply in small-space pantry. Subway ceramic tile walls featured with bracket shelving units are the instant way to get a stylish industrial space.

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