White Paper Bulbs as Vivid and Fresh Interior Ornaments

White paper bulbs or paper white flowers are beautiful flower which is included in daffodil family. You can plant this flower easily because it doesn’t soil and fertilizer. The nutrients for plants are provided sufficiently in the bulbs. Just put them in the container, clear glass, or indoor concrete plant box as the planting media. Add water sufficiently and the flowers will bloom for about four to six weeks. The bulbs will rebuild their nutrients which are then used to result the new blooming flowers in just few years. Be sure to put the flowers in sunny place to support building the nutrients store.

The following is the easy steps of how to plant white paper bulbs. First, cut stems and blooms from adult paper white plant after the flowers finish blooming. Keep the leaves grow on white bulbs and use bulb container in sunny place. Second, add the soil (5 to 6 inches height) on container where your bulbs are going to grow. Be sure that your bulbs receive sufficient sunlight. Spread the granular fertilizer over the whole areas of soil. Be selective in buying fertilizer. Give your bulbs best fertilizer which is specifically produced for exact plant’s size. Mix the soil and fertilizer by using a spade.

Third, dig four to five inch holes for putting the bulbs inside the soil. Let at least six inches the bulbs between holes. Press gently the white paper bulbs into the holes then take care not to detach or not to damage their leaves. Give the soil over the holes containing half-way bulbs, so the bulbs are covered with four inches of soil. The last, water them regularly and keep the soil covering half of body’s bulbs fully moist. When they begin growing, give a piece of mulch layer around the bulbs’ roots. This layer is able to protect the roots from the lacking of weeds and moisture.

White paper bulbs are applicable for both indoor and outdoor home gardens. They have to be supported with proper plant box or pot to keep them alive. In the gallery, we show you the collections of white paper bulbs idea either for indoor or outdoor decorative plants.

Reference: www.gallerymodules.com

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