Adorn Your Interior with White Patterned Curtains

Presenting window treatment on your window not only adds beautiful visualization, but also gives extra privacy into your house. Well, one of the window treatments that you can perform in your interior is installing curtain with impressive accent, color, or style.

Well, curtains are available in various colors and motifs which make your windows in your house looks more beautiful than before instantly. But, if you want to present neutral curtain in your window, I suggest you to decorate white patterned curtains.

The first white patterned curtain is installed on the bay windows in the living room. It is best installed with the wooden blind or shades to give extra privacy to the apartment. The neutral grey pallet on the curtain just fit well with other prints and patterns of other furniture inside the room.

Then, another white patterned curtain is beautified with gray polka accents on its fabric. It looks well arranged on the room which the furniture and the layout are mostly chosen in white scheme. The curtain is also combined with shades in polka accent for adding more impressive vibes. The round wooden table and also white side board the room with flower centerpieces lift the value of the decoration.

Next, white patterned curtains also good to be decorated in glass window such as presented in the following pictures. The black pattern is simple but it brings a minimalist and masculine appearance to the room.

Then, the white patterned curtain is also great to be decorated in the bedroom. You can choose white patterned curtains in red accent to give exotic and bright room space. You may choose other accents that is suitable with the room layout and palette of the furniture.


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