Several Concept of Under Window Bookcase at Your Bedroom

You may have a lot of books collection. Therefore, in this situation you have to have such a bookcase. A bookcase can be built like a normal cabinet, but you still can have other nice design of this bookcase with different concept. In this case, the writer would like to conduct discussion about under window bookcase concept.

Small Bookcase

As we know that there are so many bookcase designs that can be made, thus in fact you can make the simple one under the window. Let us take one sample from the picture, there is a nice small bookcase which is made of wood and has long size. This bookcase has two levels storage with simple size. You can put many books in this bookcase. Let us compare with other under window bookcase which has three levels storage. This bookcase in fact is made of wood which has very thick material wood and it is painted in white accent. This nice bookcase is suitable for such a big bedroom decoration.

You may not have too many books collection, so you decide to make a small under window bookcase. In this case, you can see the sample in the picture, there is a bookcase which is painted in white and has wooden concept and it is quite thick as well. This bookcase has five storages with compact design. Thus, this bookcase can also be a seat and you can put something on the bookcase head surface like other decorations.

The best one of bookcase has very large concept. This bookcase showed in the picture is not only placed under the window, but it is around the window, at the left, right, above, and under the window. This huge design is perfect for you who have many collections of books. You now can have private library at your bedroom.


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