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Top Window Treatment Is In High Above The Sliding Door’s Frame
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Window treatments for sliders offer many options of cheerful and flair look to your ordinary sliding door. The window treatments include colorful and fashionable curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, films, shutters, and so on. To make your sliding door more attractive, you just need to makeover it. How to makeover it? Read the following tips.

First tips, you can use the tieback of curtains to cinch the curtain aside. Cinch the curtain to the door-handle which is placed at the side of door. This part support what the door function is. Second tips, mount the top window treatment high above the frame of door so it will not brush people’s head when they are passing through. Third, hang the window curtain that will be closed or opened high above the floor surface in order to the curtain panels keep clean.

Sheer panels actually become one of recommended window treatments for sliders. It is good light filter and offers fashionable feature to the sliders. With extra selections of patterns and colors available today, you will have no matter of finding the best and most perfect sheer panel suits your home interior.

Side-mounted curtains are next option you can choose to beautify the windows and sliders. They are perfect, especially for constant use of sliders. The curtain panels are placed beside (left and right side) of sliders, so they will not disturb everyone passing the slider through. The panels are not moving even though you often pass the door by. So, go ahead to pass through the slider without worrying of the accident caused by this window treatments for sliders.


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