Wonder Washer Portable Machine

Wonder washer portable machine is a wonderful washing solution for you who want to have a practical and space-effective washing machine. It is perfect for small counter use. It is also safe and easy to use. Most beneficial things from using this portable washing machine are less water and electricity uses, so you can save your money. The machine also needs less detergent (almost 90% less detergent and water). That’s why this type of washing machine is claimed as eco-washing machine.

A Wonder washer portable machine presents greener solution and perfect for apartments where most of them are smaller in space availability. Behind its effectiveness and efficiency, this washing machine has unique work mechanism. The machine produces the heat that causes higher pressure due to the expanded air. The pressure then forces the water and detergent to mix and starts to wash the loads. The movement is 100 times faster than that you do by hands manually.

Wonderfully, a portable washing machine is light and compact. It can load 5 lb. It’s perfect for single homeowners who just have fewer loads of dirt clothes. In addition, it is ideal for washing particular fabrics, such as silks, woolens, knits, cashmere, etc. The washing space can load about thirty pairs of socks, ten T-shirts, three jeans, and eight dress-shirts at one time of washing.

Its wonderful lightweight and portability are perfect for people who love traveling, camping, boating, and the students going abroad and living separately from their parents’ home. Less in sound and environment-friendly are two other main benefits of using Wonder washer portable machine.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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