Wood and Metal Bookcase: A Book Storage for Ultra Rustic and Modern Look

Wood and metal are two elements that have opposite characteristic in nature. Metal is cold and wood is warm. What if both wood and metal are combined and designed professionally to be more functional item? This idea has been implemented for ages and wood & metal bookcase is the result. The bookcase is unique. This combination makes people attract to have it. To meet the customers’ demand, many manufacturers produce them in wide variants.

Based on the observation, most wood and metal bookcase products use hardwood board for the shelf and metal as the bookcase wall or supporter. The tone of color applied on bookcase is well based on the style of bookcase itself. A rustic wood and metal bookcase, for instance, use strong earthy tone or dark earthy tone as the finishing for wood board. The wood board then is blend with wrought iron supporter in black. Such combination, of course, is able to create rustic appeal for the bookcase.

About the model, you will find many choices of wood and metal bookcase models provided in online or offline shops. Wall-mounted bookcase, narrow or vertical bookcase, corner bookcase, L-shaped bookcase, and others are just few of wood and metal bookcase models. The size consists of four options: small, medium, large, and extra large bookcases.

Most importantly, wood and metal bookcase can be built from unused, recycled, or salvaged metals and wood boards. So, actually this bookcase is eco-friendly storage system that can change our life if everyone realizes to make it by themselves.

Reference: www.overstock.com

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