Best Tips and Mop for Wood Floors

Wood flooring can definitely bring classic modern look to your house with its natural attraction. In term of cleaning and maintenance, sometimes it can be challenging. Harsh floor cleaners and waxy polishes are among things that should be avoided or else even after only one year your wood floor will never look good again. Using too much and too hot water is also a big no for mopping your wooden floor. Extreme wet will stain wood flooring. Proper mop and mopping method will extend the visual look and life of your wooden floor. The following are some essential tips of mop for wood floors.

The mop for wood floors should be as dry as possible so it is very important to wring it as much as possible until it is only vaguely moist. You can choose a bucket which has easy wringing design to make it easier. Another tip to properly mop for wood floors is following the wood grain direction. This will make it easier to pick up embedded dirt which also makes mopping job more effective and a lot easier.

As mentioned before it is very important not to add harsh substance such as ammonia or bleach although many people recommend using water and vinegar. It will be better to go for a little soap in the mop water which will make sure lifting the dirt resulting in shiny beautiful wood floor. In terms of choosing the correct mop for wood floors make sure to check the label with ‘timber usage’ direction. Vileda SuperMocio Floorboards mop is example of great mop for wood floors. This mop is featured with non scratch microfiber which is capable to collect all dust, hair and particles. You can simply wash away the particles into the mop water to prevent them staying on the mop. It also has 3x extra water release benefit which is absolutely great for drier floors.


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