Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame Design Selections

Solid wood bed frame, including solid wood platform bed frame, offers beauty and warmth to any decor ideas of bedroom. With many styles and designs options to choose from, you will discover the best wood platform bed frame that fits your bedroom decor and personal taste. There are so many choices of solid wood materials that are used to construct the platform bed frames. The materials come from cherry, oak, ash, poplar, and many other domestic American woods.

Solid wood platform bed frame selections are manufactured in many variants. The variants are based on feature availability, finishing, and size. Just for your information, solid wood platform bed frames have optional features/ complements. The features inserted in the bed are different for each bed model. Storage like drawers or shelving units, headboard, bed wing, footboard, and built-in bedside table are the feature lists provided for the bed. From the lists, you can decide what bed you prefer that fits your need.

The size of solid wood platform bed frame comes with several selections. The sizes are single, queen, king, and super king bed. It is very important to consider the bed size after you have fixed the bedroom size. Why? It just prevents you to choose the wrong one. Make sure that the chosen bed frame is in good proportion for your bedroom.

You must be wondering about the finishing commonly applied on most numbers of solid wood platform bed frame. Most of solid wood platform bed frames have earthy-brown colors for finishing, such as dark wood, dark cocoa, light brown, and black finishing. Some bed frames are unfinished ones to highlight the genuine material color. Clear staining needs to be added to protect the material from wood destroying organisms.


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