Apartment Garden with Wrought Iron Stand

Having a garden is not always in the backyard or frontyard, but sometimes bringing it indoor creates awesome effect. You can look at how beautiful some japanese interior is, and I guess it is because japanese people include some plants into the home. Adopting the habit of japanese people, some apartment occupants do the same thing, but they add art in the form of wrought iron stand! Here you check some pictures!

This is a super elegant white wrought iron stand for apartment garden which is gorgeous with floral texture. With three stand at once, it loads three pots of plants in a time. The result is quite surprising, and it triggers people to add more plants inside the retreat!

Playing with color is another way to achieve a very beautiful apartment garden idea. for instance, some colorful wrought iron stands in green, blue and yellow with pin, orange, and blue pots distract more attention in the interior compared to the one has none! Amazing!

A single tripod wrought iron stand becomes the favorite of most people deserving minimalist interior design. yeah, it is simple but elegant, so no wonder if people in love with it and install the design many where in the home!

A bycicle shaped wrought iron stand becomes the next design that is so wonderful to attach in the interior. Two orange potted plants on the front big wheel and one on the saddle are enough to fresh the interior with clean air and fresh look. Stunning!

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