Creative Design and Concept of 3 Season Room

As we know that sun light is important for our life. Instead of giving light to earth, it can also make our body healthy. You may feel heated when you get the direct sun light. Therefore, you need a special place to enjoy the sun light. One thing you can do is by making 3 season room around your house. This 3 season room is commonly called transparent porch.

In order to get the effective 3 season room, you must need to build a larger room. You can build it at the back of your house or in front of your house. The concept of this 3 season room uses transparent glass concept. So, you have to use a lot of glass window for this room. You can see the sample in the picture, there is a nice large 3 season room which has many glass windows. Even the ceiling or roofing also uses glass concept. This concept is good for you who want to get sun light from the house room.

Since, the room is quite big, so you must need to place some furniture there. The furniture can be the same as the furniture which you use to complete the living room anyway. In this 3 season room you can put some sofas and a table. You can see the sample in the picture, there is a big room which has some nice colorful sofas and a blue wrapped table. This room uses white wooden frame with adorable glass ceiling. You can also add some alive plants inside the room. This is good because even the plants are placed inside, the plants will still get the direct sun light and you do not need to worry about your plants.


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