10 Dream Kitchen Island Designs Visually Can Serve A Stylish & Cozy Prep and Cooktop to Your Kitchen

wood matte black kitchen island in minimalist look

Kitchen island is the main and ‘the most-wanted’ unit when we’re planning a kitchen. It is an icon of luxury kitchen due to its attractiveness and function. A modern kitchen island can serve as a dining or a living space in an open-plan kitchen; the space is also becoming a


10 Most Inspiring Kitchen Designs You Won’t Skip To Give You A Lot of Fun Experience in Cooking & Baking

clean look and minimalist kitchen clean blue walls accented with some series of open shelving units wood top countertop flower motif tile backsplash and floors white cabinetry

Kitchen is the heart of home. In modern days, kitchen is set as a semi-public sphere of home where you can do a lot of fun activities like prep. for cooking, making your morning coffee, or even prep, your meals for diet. To make these things quite more fun, you


Create The Coziest Breakfast Nooks with These Remarkable Breakfast Nook Designs

beach style breakfast nook white dining table custom light wood stools bench seat and blue throw pillows blue pendants wood floors

Whether you’re the beginner or professional, we can’t deny the beauty of breakfast nook where it’s used as the best alternative for an intimate or romantic dining moment with the loved one. Sometimes, this spot becomes an instant solution for transforming a small kitchen with full of charms. Provided in


10 Creative Subway Tile Installations for Kitchens and Bathrooms

step ladder patterned subway tile backsplash

Some come in and some other come out from the trend and subway tile is one of tile kinds that make a comeback in these years. Now this kind of tile is available in more various color, shape, and size. Subway tiles are also dynamic in patterns and vibrant in


Highlight Your Kitchen Only By Re-Installing These Cool Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Boho tiled backsplash in bold emerald black kitchen countertop blue kitchen cabinets stainless steel utensils

Kitchen is the second ‘home’ for people with huge interest in cooking or food styling, and this place should be cozy as these people can spend their hours here. Even today, kitchen in the open-space can be the alternative spot for working, welcoming and gathering the visiting guests, and even


Adorable Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Visually Add Style & Character

terracotta tiled backsplash blush pendant wood cabinets marble countertop

Sometimes we can’t decide what color and pattern of backsplash we love more for kitchen or bathroom. The wide ranges of colors and patterns such as earthy, dark, neutral, soft, herringbone, diamond-cut, Moroccan, geometric, granite, marble, and many more; but today I will give my assistance to choose the best


Ten Recommended Ways To Style Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Metro Tiles

gray white marble like metro tile walls in herringbone shape

When you figure out to choose new wall tiles for kitchen or bathroom, metro tiles or subway tiles are becoming one of most popular option. They’re versatile and stylish. Most interestingly, they can suit any interior designs. Whatever the bathroom or kitchen design you really want, find more inspiration with


Cool & Timeless, 10 Kitchen Backsplash Installations Stealing Your Heart Away

pink tile backsplash with motifs concrete wall oversized pendant with copper lampshade

Are you searching for cool and stylish backsplash for your kitchen? Re-installing a new kitchen backsplash will be a great idea to spice up and update your kitchen. There are so many options of tiles you can pick up for the new backsplash; they come in huge various types such


Whimsical Pantry Fit for Dream Kitchen

wide and open pantry in white wood color kitchen countertop white kitchen cabinetry stone tile floors earthy brown mat colorful flowers on white pot

A little makeover sounds a good solution to get a new pantry’s look. As the hidden room, people forget about the aspect of aesthetic and style of a pantry; that’s why they often neglect this room. In fact, pantry can be categorized as the crucial space for food storage solutions,


Scandinavian Kitchens: Get Practicality with Stylish & Clean Look

small and practical Scandinavian kitchen idea drilled wooden panel for mounted shelves white kitchen cabinetry wooden countertop modern bar stools

Scandinavian, in home design & architecture, speaks about eclectic and stylish look which is mostly applied for all home interiors and exteriors. Kitchen as one of targeted space decorated in Scandinavian style would be overlooked and it can be more than light wood floors, white walls, bright cabinets, dreamy pastels,