10 Creative Subway Tile Installations for Kitchens and Bathrooms

step ladder patterned subway tile backsplash

Some come in and some other come out from the trend and subway tile is one of tile kinds that make a comeback in these years. Now this kind of tile is available in more various color, shape, and size. Subway tiles are also dynamic in patterns and vibrant in


Ten Recommended Ways To Style Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Metro Tiles

gray white marble like metro tile walls in herringbone shape

When you figure out to choose new wall tiles for kitchen or bathroom, metro tiles or subway tiles are becoming one of most popular option. They’re versatile and stylish. Most interestingly, they can suit any interior designs. Whatever the bathroom or kitchen design you really want, find more inspiration with


Cool Bathroom Colors You Won’t Regret To Try

pink blush walls accented with grain like accents in low part of walls black frame wall mirror concrete floors

When having a plan of decorating a home, bathroom often tends to be the last spot to figure out. In fact, the space is one of most essential ones that need more attention both for functional and aesthetic goal. To get significant change, you need to consider some aspects when


Get Ultimate Shower Treat with These Spa-Like Bathroom Designs

minimalist bathroom huge bathtub in white wood floors modern pattern rug decorative bamboo stool glass windows with semi transparent shades

All people need a stunning spot to escape from tiring day or to make a space more stylish, and the bathroom can be a targeted space to meet this need. In this opportunity, we’re going to help you renovating those spots that maybe too outdated and dark into the spa-like


An Expert Says Everything about White Bathroom’s Need

seashell shaped tile wall brass stand faucet modern white sink

All-white bathroom looks clean, airy, and stylish in simplest way. It also states classic, but you of course don’t want to make it looks too cold. To overcome it, you need to add the elements that could give warm feel. And then how to make such a colorless bathroom warmer


Ten Spa-Like Bathroom Designs that Fit Your Royal Taste

quirky bathroom design longer curtains with tiedback rope glass pendant light sleek bathtub in white geometric tile floor accent on light wood floors modern artwork

Level of luxury for bathrooms might be a kind of master bathroom that feels as comfortable as a five-star hotel’s spa & bathroom. Imagine that you can enjoy relaxing your body and mind by only having spring-soaking treatment while wandering your eyes sweeping away all views of countryside through the


Ten Hottest Tiles for Trendiest Statement of Bathrooms

hard texture hexagon tile floors freestanding oval bathtub in modern style freestanding shower faucet made of stainless steel

After we’re satisfied with wallcovering products we’ve reviewed previously, now it turns to start sharing about another part of home decorating idea that can bring the huge impact to home’s value and aesthetic. Yes, we want to collect the ideas of the selected tiles that can give hotel-like impact to


Herringbone Tile, A Most-Recent Trend You’ll Fall In Love

pop of yellow & pink herringbone tiling idea for bathroom bathtub in white

If I may say that I love tiles a bit different rather than the average people. I also really adore this tile trend: herringbone-patterned tile. Actually, the tiles with herringbone pattern can be applied for any settings, but I personally love installing it to bathroom as it will give special


Inspiring Pedestal Sink Designs for Practical & Save-Space Fixture with Classic Touch

light gray walls white pedestal sink with faucet white toilet gray patterned tiles floors

Pedestal sink can be the best choice for small bathroom. It offers functional design as well as save the space. Based on design, it basically comes in classic Victorian but now there are many more designs provided for accommodating users’ need especially those that fit the most recent trends of


Trends of Colors for Small Bathrooms

small bathroom design vintage tiles floorings bathroom vanity with light wood countertop & freestanding sink in white white bathtub with half way clear glass panel light wood rack white toilet

Is your bathroom too small and uncomfortable when used due to its limited space? Probably some people have similar problem about the space availability, and finally use dominant white as the most instant solution to get a larger visual effect on it. Yes, it’s correct to use light-intense color schemes