Make Your ‘Nest’ Completely Stylish & Cozy with These Duvet Cover Recommendations

double sided duvet cover with sprinkles

Fancy your bed and make it best solution for getting a better nap at night. We can say that better bedding treatment has a big contribution to this matter. We all know that there are some kinds of bedding treatments and they’re commonly provided as the packages consisting of duvet/


Top Living Room Designs that Perform Style & Coziness

concrete walls and floors hardwood bench seat with back round top wood coffee table with angled metal legs modern floor lamp double layered area rugs in gray

Good design is common but what makes your room looks so great? Here, we try to recommend a number of best living rooms taken from inspiring Pinterest. Each design showcases the striking visualization, best mix of styles (from different periods), and of course new point of views. Scandinavian style always


Simple Rules for Updated Window Treatments

floor to ceiling window curtains in broken white color with concealed hardware

Just like hardware and lighting quality in home, curtains and shades also seem like the blazer that dramatically complete your home interiors. You can imagine that without proper curtains, the rooms feel like incomplete, unfinished, and even frumpy. This means windows need a special treatment. They need more than simple


Express Your Modern Retro Style with This 80s Interior Design

mixed leather wood chair geo tapestry wall background floor lamp with gold stand

Probably some of you really love old-school style for home and yes there are so many options of old-look decorating style offered to you. One of the most recommended ones is 1980’s interior decor style. Thanks to Pinterest, the site where we can find so many choices of 1980’s decorating


Brutalism Interior Decorating Ideas: Look Rigid, Manly, yet Elegant

Brut style bedroom idea heavy concrete walls and ceilings giant square shape glass window with hardwood frame modern floor lamp

Maybe just few people ever heard about brutalisme architecture. Brutalism architecture is actually an architecture style that produces a new architecture movement. It begins popular in 1950-1970’s; introduced by Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The sort of brutalism is originally from French Beton brut meaning raw concrete.


Feel Fresh and so Natural with Plant-Filled Home Decorating Ideas

small seating area leather chair with throw pillows shabby & patterned area rug white potted greenery white round shape floor pillow rolled rug with patterns white tiles wall

Inspired by a professional interior designer, Mandy Cheng, we proudly share some great ideas of how to redecorate the interiors with vivid and fresh plants. The designer really knows all things about the style of interior decorating and plant treatments for homes. As greenery lovers, you must be so excited


Cheeriest Color Choice for Spring-Themed Interiors

simplest living room idea for Spring wood bench with darker futons round top wood side table with wheeled legs

When spring comes, it’s time to get a lot of cans of paints then starts re-coloring your interiors of home. Although Spring has come out, it’ll be okay if you want to figure out what colors you’re gonna take for next Spring. In this page, we want to share some


The Simplest Decor Ideas with Gray

rustic bedroom idea in light gray wood bed frame with headboard and canopy wood bed bench Scandinavian style area rug

Decorating interiors with gray is challenging because you need to choose the color pairings in order to make the produced spaces look balanced and cohesive with other color schemes. Gray is identical with neutral color shade that’s elegant and gives the deep to subtle look. When gray is collaborated with


Feel Flowery Anytime in Home just with These Inspiring & Stylish Floral-Prints Home Decor Ideas

reading corner idea vintage reading chair with floral prints suitcase table round top side table with table lamp

Floral prints on linens or clothings are now starting to expanse the home decorating industry. This idea definetely suits for those that love greenery or plant and struggle to ‘make’ it alive. There are a lot of options of products you can choose starting from hand-painted floral patterns to printed


Front Door List Needs to Consider for Home

wood front door in modern minimalist style

Front door is the crucial part of home exterior and it’s made in huge variants of designs, finishings, and detailed features. Maybe you ever heard about the French, Dutch, or paneled front doors, and this is all about the style you’re going to take for your home. The options are