Scandinavian Kitchens: Get Practicality with Stylish & Clean Look

small and practical Scandinavian kitchen idea drilled wooden panel for mounted shelves white kitchen cabinetry wooden countertop modern bar stools

Scandinavian, in home design & architecture, speaks about eclectic and stylish look which is mostly applied for all home interiors and exteriors. Kitchen as one of targeted space decorated in Scandinavian style would be overlooked and it can be more than light wood floors, white walls, bright cabinets, dreamy pastels,


Wanna Feel Homey, Warm, and Natural in Home, Re-Furnish Your Home with These Inspiring Rustic Furniture Designs

a couple of tree trunk side tables

You may want to re-furnish your home with the most current furniture trends but rustic furniture sounds more interesting as it performs natural elements as the signatures. If you’re interested in taking this type of furniture to your home, find the best ones that complete most of your home projects


Love Airy & Minimalist Look? Feel Free to Adopt These Gorgeous Neutral Interior Ideas

small and minimalist living room black framed photography modern white living room set medium size succulent on po white area rug white pouf

Neutral interiors always seem calm and elegant. Minimalist and Scandinavian are two interior trends mostly chosen if you want to remodel your interiors with neutral palettes. White, gray, beige, stone, and natural wood are some color palettes commonly found in this style, and comfy furniture and fireplace are two main


Make Your New Workspace Fresher just by Adopting These Inspiring Home Office Designs

formal home office in living room modern white sofa heavy wood working desk black brick walls wood floors

In modern days, many people often do their work at home. Many thanks to internet that gives the easier access to possibly do extra work all day long at the home office. Of course, you need comfortable working space accommodating you when you need a special space to work efficiently.


Get Coziest Seating Nook Ideas with These Apartment-Size Balcony Decor Retreats

small enclosed balcony with seating nook dark blue couch throw pillow yellow bean bag dark coffee table dark wood floors textured wood slat wall wood railings with glass panel

Small balcony will be more special when we transform it into a cozier and more functional spot like a sitting nook. With enclosure addition, this spot of course will provide us a well-protected space from unpredictable weather and even an enjoyable space during the years. In such spot, we could


Inspiring Urban Spaces, Brilliant Interior Ideas to Represent Your Lifestyle through Home Decor & Architecture

urban style living room oversized pop art gray couch white coffee table with round top shabby white fabric rug concrete walls and floors

Urban interior idea joins together with industrial. It focuses on contemporary and modern bohemian visualization. Home with urban style commonly uses heavy-look materials for all interior facade including timber beams, concrete floors, steels, and all interior surfaces without finishing. For fixtures and furnishings, the style, in a contrary, highlights a


Bunch Ideas of Farmhouse Interior Design with Clean & Modern Twist

modern farmhouse living room black leather sofa with white throw pillows white shag rug dark wood floors a pair of twin side tables with round top creative pendant

Modern farmhouse is now becoming one of home design trends that successfully attract people who really love the farmhouse design with modern twist. The style offers not only a new look but also the comfort exactly needed the most. The remodel home also provides casual, stylish, clean, and inviting space.


Shabby Chic Decor Ideas Inspired by The Expert Grandma’s

shabby chic bedroom idea white lace table cover & pillowcase single shelf vintage table lamp

Shabby chic decor idea closely relates to simple and antique with pastel color schemes. The patterns commonly used are inspired by feminine floral especially flowers. The style is also identical with vintage chic design referring the country chic. Shabby chic lovers are usually those loving soft style and luckily this


Inspiring Pedestal Sink Designs for Practical & Save-Space Fixture with Classic Touch

light gray walls white pedestal sink with faucet white toilet gray patterned tiles floors

Pedestal sink can be the best choice for small bathroom. It offers functional design as well as save the space. Based on design, it basically comes in classic Victorian but now there are many more designs provided for accommodating users’ need especially those that fit the most recent trends of


Ten Black and White Living Room Designs that Bring Monochrome Charm

moderrn black white living room design white sofa black throw pillows glass coffee table twin side tables twin floor lamps abstract paint in white black black cowhide rug

Black-white becomes one of most favorite color combinations for home particularly for public space like living rooms. The colors aren’t boring and they offer a beauty contrast in room. When applied in right way, they bring a living tone to the room. There are so many ways to apply these