Pick Your Best Choice of Modern-Rustic Interiors You’re Gonna Adopt to Your Home Cabin

huge glass windows with wood frames and trims wood cladding walls rustic light fixture in black dark brown leather sofa in modern style chairs with dark green cushions and black metal frames vintage rug

Need a fresh and new decorating idea for your home? Want a little bit chic and country for the new décor idea? Modern-rustic is the best answer. The style sounds odd but it’s actually cool and stylish. It really combines


Cool and Inspiring Coffee Shop Interiors You Can Adopt for Your Private House

minimalist industrial coffee shop interior with white subway tile walls with stunning modern industrial lighting installations wood top tables yellow chairs

Coffee shop, as one of the most favorite outdoor spaces, is often chosen by those who love coffee so much like me and friends. We often spend our free time in such a cozy place just for fun and even


Inspirations of Interiors to Support Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

eco friendly kitchen design with wood top kitchen island bar stools with tufted upholstery mute blue kitchen cabinets white subway tile backsplash

If you are interesting in making a positive change like starting an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s nice to start over with an eco-friendly home decorating idea. Fortunately, there is growing a huge numbers of home designers and architects who’re focusing on


Find Your Bohemian Heavens, The Inspirations for Your New Bedroom Where You Can Relax and Recharge Energy

adorable Boho style bedroom with tree branch pointed headboard platform bed frame blue green blanket with pompoms flat woven rug in round shape greenery

It must be the best moment to throw your own body in the comfortable bed in the end of the busy day. We all know that the bedroom is a heaven for people, especially those with the busy days. It


Modern Loft Designs You Need to Adopt for A Practical, Space-Efficient, and Stylish Living Space

modern rustic loft design with rustic kitchen design

Loft design seems to be a new trend in modern home design and architecture. It offers a practical, functional, and space-efficient in maximizing the small space. This new trend becomes a perfect choice for modern people to support their lifestyle.


Get Minimalist Lifestyle with A Minimalist Decor Style for New Start

soft airy and minimalist dining space with natural wood dining furniture set soft toned area rug with tassels floor to ceiling draperies in white

Minimalist lifestyle is popular right now and even it can be implemented through home decorating style. Konmari Method is just one of the most inspiring ones that can be adopted to accomplish the coziest-minimalist home décor. For designing your home


Midcentury Modern Décor Style: Perfect Option for Connecting Nature and Modernity through Living Space

galvanazed glass wall panel round top side table in midcentury modern style

Midcentury modern is the real product of modern décor ideas that focuses on the combination of nature and modernity. The style has been developed since 20th century and it was used in the first time in 1950s and reused in


Statera Restaurant: Inspiring Modern-Style Dining Space with Chunky Concrete & Greenery Exposed

Statera restaurant exterior exposing concrete walls and floors wood exterior door dramatic tree

What do you think when you see amazing mini garden on top of the dining space? And this really happens in Statera Restaurant in Lima. It’s a fact that this restaurant is unique. Inspired by modern style, the façade is


Odd but Gorgeous, These Are Recommended Staircase Designs that can Make Your Guest Impressed

simple and ultra modern staircase in yellow yellow wall accent light wood floors

Staircase is the important part of home. It’s not only the bride that connects one room to another, but also it’s the first that ‘welcome’ your guests when coming to your entryway. With this role, staircase seems to deserve well-decorated


Adoptable Loft Inspirations for A Practical and Bigger-Space Visual Effect

modern industrial loft workspace with industrial piping system for book shelves midcentury modern working chair area rug with geometric patterns

Loft is commonly used to refer to the part of upper attic or storey of homes, meaning that it’s the space under the roofs. Today, many people prefers this kind of living space to traditional ones as it’s more practical,