10 Recommended Minimalist Interior Designs for Updated, Uncluttered, and Modern Home Look

modern minimalist bedroom round shaped flat wicker rug wooden chair wooden dresser frameless glass windows modern floor lamp

Are you a minimalist home design lover? You’re so lucky because today I would like to share the most stylish minimalist home design that probably will give you an inspiration. Minimalist home design always delivers a fresh, simple, elegant, and functional as the main values of design. Even most experts


10 Best Ideas of Interiors with Inserted Personal Touch that Adds Style

sunny yellow chair with light wood frame whitewashed wood plank floors blue walls

Your home seems like a canvas to express your personal style through decor option. Whatever the decor you’ve taken, you must be proud of it; this is the reason why you should be serious to select the most favorite design for your home. In this case, actually you don’t need


Fun Home Tour: Get Inspired with This Pacific Northwest-Style Interior

ultra soft toned bathroom light wood floors white wood plank walls modern white bathtub black wood chair

In this home tour edition, I had an opportunity to show up the coolest interior ideas perfectly captured from a fancy, lovely, and comfy house located in San Juan Island. All interiors are dominated with soft textures and tones; some parts of them are made in organic style. Some designer


Contemporary Interior Ideas You Can Actually Try for Your Home

clean and warm bathroom soft toned bathtub light wood plank floors floating wood bench gloss subway tile walls in white off white draperies

Do you like minimalist and contemporary look to your home? Here we want to share ten coolest interiors of home designed in a contemporary and minimalist style. All designs are taken from inspiring Pinterest. Hopefully, these designs will give you new inspirations for your next home decorating projects. Black and


Reading Nook on The Floor, More Relaxed for Reading for Hours

tufted floor pillows modern area rug a pile of books some greenery

Creating a perfect reading nook actually doesn’t need a bay window plus bench seat, a lounge chair plus a side table, or a chair plus a fancy bookshelf. Sometimes we just need some pillows placed in your favorite corner and let the corner be your new little world. Here, you


Contemporary Interior Designs Effortlessly Will Inspire You

bare concrete walls copper plumbing black bathtub wooden stool

Contemporary home design is now booming and many people love this design due to simplicity, elegance, efficiency, and clean look. See ten contemporary designs representing the most current trend and be ready to get inspired. The first idea is the contemporary bar kitchen in Canberra, Australia. The kitchen is elegant


Contemporary Bohemian Interior Decor: Showcasing Lots of Layers of Hues, Patterns, and Textures But Still Clean & Minimalist

Bohemian runner with geometric patterns chair with pillows rustic wood bed frame multicolored pillows with pom pom decorattions

Contemporary Bohemian is slightly like a contemporary style with some additional values like the layers of colors, patterns, and fabrics that visually can add unique look and character. Here, I’ll try to collect and to share several best of contemporary Bohemian interior ideas specifically taken from Pinterest. The ideas come


10 Tips To Implement Fresh & New Bohemian To Your Home

bold painting with textured wood frame geometric hallway bench with different pattern and color throw pillows light wood floors

New Bohemian is creative, unique, and different in style. This style firstly appears in 19th century in France. Bohemian itself means out of the comfort and conventional zone, and actually the movement of Bohemian ends at early 20th century. New Bohemian society can be obviously marked from the way they


Neo Rustic Bedroom Designs: The Fresher and More Sophisticated Ones Than Classic Rustic

white walls sheer canopy curtains in white exposed wood beams white tile floors

We all know that rustic is closely connected to some features such as deep textured timber use, cabin-like interiors & exteriors, lots of logs, and warm look, but what about neo rustic? Neo rustic is fresher and more sophisticated with complex vibes. Like today, I wanna share ten best designs


Beautiful Vintage Accents: Challenging Yet Fun To Elevate Home

heavy lace accent for dining chair's back

Everybody knows that decorating a home with vintage accents is fun yet challenging. You have to look for vintage items at flea markets, thrift stores, and even garage sales that perfectly fit your home and can meet what you need. To help you find out those vintage accents, here I