Awesome Window Pane Mirrors

Let’s do this trick to make an illusion for making your room looks larger. Have you ever used pane mirror? Yes, pane mirror is like another mirror as usual, but the different is its design. It is designed with stylish frame, so it will look like a window. That’s why it is called awesome window pane mirrors. Pane mirror with window design style is cool accessories for your room wall. It will make your small room looks wide and exclusive.

Pane mirror has many design and shape. Square pane mirror is perfect for those who love to add simple decoration. Arched pane mirror is very suitable for you who want to have another appearance of special window shape, so it can be you room focal attention to give other people impression. Perfect spot to put your pane mirror is rightly above your cabinet or your fireplace with frames addition on its left and right side.

Pane mirror frame mostly is using wood. Quality of its frame comes from its wood. Durable wood will make your pane mirror frame durable too, so you don’t have to worry about fixing it in short time. Now it is about pane mirror frame color. You need to mix and match its color with your room main color. If your room main color is white, then it is better to have pane mirror frame with white color too.

Surprise your guest or your family by showing their own reflection when they look at the pane mirror. They surely will love to see their own appearance on the mirror. Using regular mirror is okay, but using pane mirror will be great.


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