Wonderful Idea of Christmas Decoration for Mantel

Do you have fire place at your home? if you do, you must also have a mantel on the fire place. As a christian, you should prepare the most waited day which is Christmas day. There are so many things to do for welcoming the Christmas day. One of them is by making some nice decoration around the mantel.

The first decoration of mantel can be made using green leaves nuance. You might see the picture there is a tiny mantel on the fire place and it has nice natural fresh leaves green decoration. You can decorate it with additional accessories like small colorful balls.

If you do not like leaves decoration, you can use paper craft made decoration. You can make some nice tiny Christmas trees using white paper. Or you can add other accessories with the same material. The decoration can also be made of snow man with small design. This snow man can be decorated it has some nice accessories such as hat, scarf and etc. The best choice for mantel decoration is by adding some big candle around the mantel with some nice leaves decoration. This perfect decoration will make your Christmas look so wonderful.

Reference: www.countryliving.com

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