Best Color Painting Ideas for Living Room

Living room is not only for a comfortable place to gather with family and friends, but sometimes many people agree that living room is the representative of the whole house design. Therefore, it must be important to decorate your living room design since there are lots of people wondering what is it look like to gracefully represent your taste.

In this case, wall paint will be the first to attract people attention. Wether it is bright, soft, or dark black, it should be match with other appliances in the room. Too much matching is not good, but too much different will make it crowded. Lets look at some best color painting ideas for living room below.

First, let me show you a large artistic room design with mountainous view outside. Here, you are not only provided a wonderful room decoration, but the awesome scene of mountain longing right in front of your eyes.

Green view combined with the endless blue sky pamper your eyes in such fascinating outlook. In addition, the white wall surrounding the room, looks like it gives you broader space to relax your exhausted body and mind.

For having only white pianted wall is boring, a large black and white vertical stripe pattern on the one of the sidewalls would make this room bit distinctive.

Furthermore, the transparant enclosure in this room enables you to have fresh air by opening some windows in it. The large black framed windows give you abundant of refreshing air from the green natural mountainous outside.

In addition, to prettify the plain white wall, giving some color on a framed canvas will make it bit colorful. Don’t forget to place such decorative bottles in some different colors to strengthen the aesthetic atmosphere.


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