Good Convert Recessed Light to Pendant

There are many a lot of clever ideas to transform your room interior design. Transforming your room into new and fresh design can start from easiest way that you can do, for example painting, flooring, including about your ceiling. Ceiling is not only about the ceiling material, but also about its lighting. Recessed light and pendant are two main types that people often use for their home. Recessed light is simple light which is installed sticking on your home ceiling. Pendant is not usual lighting. It is one of stylish and decorative lighting type for creating not only good light but also interesting light fixtures.

When you have project plan to renovate or redesign your home, you can’t avoid about the lighting. One of challenging thing about it is converting recessed light to pendant. Most of home owners who are already using recessed light are usually wishing for changing it into pendant. You don’t need to throw out your old recessed light. You just have to put the lamp then set the pendant frame right on the recessed light.

Good convert recessed light to pendant will save your budget of course, because you don’t need to buy more light or even unload the ceiling and also you can save your time without having any difficulties. It is also more flexible to do the convert.

Before you convert the light, you have to notice about the pendant light that you will use. Pendant light can make your room looks worst if you can’t mix and match it with all elements inside your room.


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