Cool Front Door for Dramatic and Crazy Look

A front door is everything presenting your house. The first thing people see before visiting our house is the front house. To make people impressed to our house at the first time, you can make it easily only by making over the old front door into cool front door. It is true that the concept and model of front door is different for every construction, but you can take some ideas of creative and crazy front door listed below.

Ping Pong Door sound so crazy but interesting. That’s right; this front door idea is designed in ping pong mini yard look. The door can be flipped into a ping pong yard table if needed. With this front door, you not only can make the impression for your guest through your front door look, but you can also take your guest’s impression by asking her/him to play ping pong game. Just flip it up after finishing the game and a mini ping pong yard table now turns into a functional door.

Curtain door is another inspiring cool front door you may take. The door is constructed from wood panels. It is created to be opened in the same way of opening the folding curtains. This is very unique and whoever visiting you, they will be welcomed by this sophisticated front door.

Next cool and crazy front door is a shattering door. Like its name, the door’s looks just like a shattering mirror which is mounted on the door. A talented designer named Leandro Erlich just displays his work at Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Light plus air door, hidden door, chalk door, hooked door, and Alice-in-Wonderland front door are others list of cool front door you may take as your reference in remodeling your old front door.


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