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Cost of remodeling a bathroom needs to be prepared seriously when we have a plan of bathroom renovation. This matter is very important because you have to suit your prepared budget for your new bathroom. As the homeowners, it is a must for us to manage the budget correctly. We have to know cost or expanses estimation before executing the project of bathroom remodel. We are also wondering how much cost to install some features such as lighting fixtures, bathroom appliances, tiling and flooring.

One mistake you should avoid is experiencing extra expenses as the impact of buying these and those without being considered. As the result, there is one or more than one fixture; perhaps, you are incapable to have it.
In remodeling a bathroom, the fixture is the most important and number one your priority. This means that the function keep be main priority and the space availability becomes the second.

To make sure that you have known and understood more detail about the cost of remodeling a bathroom, you may ask the list of supply breakdown. Here is an example of supply breakdown listed by designer or contractor: cost of design (4%), installation cost (20%), fixture cost (15%), hardware and cabinetry cost (16%), countertops cost (7%), lighting cost (5%), flooring installation cost (9%), windows and door installation cost (4%), ceiling and wall system cost (5%), plumbing and faucet cost (14%), and others (1%).

Each designer/ contractor and project of bathroom remodeling has different cost. And the final is your expenses will depend on how much you prepare the budget and where you live. A far location will need more cost to transport the supplies. Wish, this brief information gives you new idea to create a new budget estimation related to cost of remodeling a bathroom.


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